April 2024

Bernex opens first brand new Asia Facility in Thailand

Bernex Group, the Swiss based leading global producer of bimetallic barrel, screw and plastification technology announced that the new manufacturing facility in Thailand has started production. The expansion ensures our current and future customers, especially in Asia, will receive the same European product quality and superior service in swift turnaround times. The Asia customers will now be able to buy or receive services directly or via our diverse distributors network present in most Asia countries.

The new facility is equipped with state-of-the-art induction spin-casting furnaces, CNC machineries and sustainable manufacturing processes to produce the full range of barrel inlays, screw materials and plastification units. Mr. Buzzoni, the Group CEO said: “ The Asia market will become the growth engine of our business and the opening of the Thailand plant marks a significant milestone for the Bernex Group.”

Bernex products are sold and distributed all over the world. Our main customers are the leading global plastic machine manufacturers for extrusion, injection, recycling and compounding of polymer, and renown polymer processors in diversified applications.